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Workshop on investigating and tracing assets: new strategies to effectively counter corruption, money laundering and related crimes

Cairo -



Funded by the European Union

As part of the strategy aiming at strengthening the instruments to fight corruption and finding more effective ways to recover illicit assets, the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI) and the Office of the Prosecutor General of Egypt, carried out in September 2016 specialized training for Chief Prosecutors of that office. The event, funded by the European Union, is part of a pilot project that facilitates the establishment of national, regional and international mechanisms to enable effective and efficient recovery of stolen assets, the development of practitioners’ human resource capacity to handle asset recovery cases, and the achievement of strong political support to implement asset recovery procedures in Requesting and Requested States.

The strategy is based on the adoption of new approaches to seize the illicit assets resulting from corruption and money laundering, by drawing on international standards and good practices and on the rules and principles of good governance, transparency and responsiveness.

Within this framework, the Government of Egypt is launching a series of activities including capacity-building on modern and expeditious methods to trace and recover stolen illicit assets – in particular assets currently frozen in several foreign countries as well as assets that have yet to be frozen.

During the workshop, international experts and prosecutors from the Office of the Prosecutor General discussed with Chief Prosecutors updated methodologies and mechanisms to expedite the recovery of stolen assets.

The workshop continues the joint efforts, initiated earlier this year, by the Office of the Prosecutor General and UNICRI´s experts, within this EU-funded project, to work in conjunction with Requested States which have already frozen assets belonging to the people of Egypt, and to expedite the recovery process.

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European Union: Communication Coordinator/ Acting Press Officer, Najlaa AbdElBary,; UNICRI, Marina Mazzini,
Twitter: @EUinEgy