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A delegation of the Zhejiang Police College visited UNICRI

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A delegation of the Zhejiang Police College visited UNICRI

A group of cadets from Zhejiang Police College, located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province of China, attended a presentation at UNICRI Headquarters on 8 November 2016.

The meeting represented an important opportunity to exchange expertise and illustrate the projects of UNICRI in the areas of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear risks mitigation, counter-terrorism, cyber security, crimes against the environment and hate crimes.

The discussion that followed, involved deepening specific aspects of emerging criminal phenomena and the need for innovative and tailored strategies, and capacity building initiatives.

The delegation from the Zhejiang Police College was composed of 30 students from different academic backgrounds such as law enforcement, criminal investigation and international police cooperation. The study visit was part of the College broader programme aimed at improving law enforcement capability to prevent and counter new criminal phenomena.

Participants were accompanied by Fu Haiyan, Police Supervisor of the Zhejiang Police College; Emilio Viano, Professor G. Washington University; and Maurizio Zanoni, Chief Inspector Italian Municipal Police.