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Enhancing European Coordination for National Research Programmes in the Area of Security at Major Events - THE HOUSE (2012-2014)

“Enhancing European Coordination for National Research Programmes in the Area of Security at Major Events - The House” is a project funded by the European Commission, DG Enterprise and Industry and is being implemented from March 2012 until February 2014.

The project involves a consortium of 24 European Union Member States, building on previous consortiums of 10 members for EU SEC and 22 for EU-SEC II. Over the course of two years, the House's Consortium will assist the practitioners in charge of planning the security of European major events; it will contribute to the elaboration of a common European major events security planning framework and will facilitate the adoption of a common policing approach at European Union level. These two objectives are in full compliance with the provisions of the EU’s main strategic priorities in this field, in particular the Stockholm Programme and Internal Security Strategy, which seeks “more effective European law enforcement cooperation.”

The House project involves the testing of the provision of coordination standards, elaborated in a number of previous UNICRI coordinated projects, during major events in Europe. These standards concern key areas which were identified as commonalities of interest and as being the basic constituents of major event security planning in Europe requiring further coordination.

The final project output will be the publication of User Guidelines for security planners on how to make the best use of the House for planning the security of major events in Europe.

A common feature of all the projects implemented within the UNICRI Major Events Security programme is that they aim to foster security as an instrumental requirement to allow the largest number of people to safely enjoy an extra-ordinary event.

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Key Documents:

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