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UNICRI carries out action-oriented research and training, provides information and advisory services, and implements its activities, at the request of governments, at the interregional and national levels.

The Institute operates in specialised niches and selected fields of crime, justice, security governance and counter terrorism, providing added value to crime prevention, the advancement of justice and the enhancement of human rights.

The Institute also serves as a platform for consultation and cooperation, bringing together Member States, research institutions, international organizations and civil society, and promoting a common approach in addressing shared challenges.


The following are the areas in which UNICRI's work is currently structered:

  • Countering the threat of crime Increasing the efficiency of criminal justice systems and protection of vulnerable groups
  • Promoting international criminal law and practice Sharing best practices, building capacity to promote human rights and improving access to services
  • Security governance and countering the appeal of terrorism Training and advanced education: building capacity in crime prevention and criminal justice