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A new Report on the Impact of the Crisis on Gender Equality and Women's Wellbeing in the European Union Mediterranean Countries

Geneva -

A new Report on “The Impacts of the Crisis on Gender Equality and Women’s Wellbeing in European Union (EU) Mediterranean Countries”  has been presented at the Palais des Nations in Geneva on 18 September 2014. The Report, prepared by the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI) and with the involvement of researchers from France, Greece, Italy and Spain includes the findings of the gendered impact of the crisis and its consequences for women in the EU Mediterranean Basin.

The financial crises and economic recession had a severe impact on the EU Mediterranean Basin. The economic instability affecting many segments of societies in the European Union’s Mediterranean Basin had a negative impact on many people, particularly women. Historically, economic recessions as well as socio-political instability have placed a disproportionate burden on women. In many contexts women are more likely than men to be vulnerable, especially in terms of working conditions. They are more likely to be under-employed or to face difficulties finding employment. Very often women lack proper social protection and have limited access to, and control, over economic and financial resources. This study intends to address the gap in the research about gendered impacts of the economic crisis at national and regional levels and to contribute to the Post-2015 development framework.

The study is based on economic indicators of gender equality and focuses on domestic violence, discrimination, access to justice and welfare services. This new Report provides insights on the impact of economic downturn on women’s well-being and aims to support the future strategy for promoting women’s rights and gender equality. It explores possible strategies which can help to minimize risks and alleviate vulnerable situations.

The presentation was attended by representatives of the EU, representatives of the United Nations Members States and of the United Nations Institutions based in Geneva.


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