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Documentation and Information Centre

Since its establishment in 1969, the Documentation Centre has built a comprehensive collection of data to contribute to the global sharing of criminal justice information and to assist the international community in formulating and implementing improved policies on crime and justice.

The activities of the Centre include the collection, analysis and dissemination of legislative, statistical and bibliographic documents that form the library holdings.

The Library holds more than 20.000 monographs, 1.250 journals and yearbooks, tens of thousands documents by the United Nations System, other international and regional organizations, national institutions and NGOs, multimedia material, grey literature on crime prevention and criminal justice issues.

The Centre offers on-line access to all its services, such as the library catalogue and criminological thesaurus, electronic resources, bibliographies, directories, tables of contents, full-text articles and publications, abstracts of monographs and personalized alerts targeted to the needs of its users.

The UNICRI Library is part of a strong network of United Nations and UN system libraries, that share expertise, best practices and resources, and cooperate to ensure the best quality of products and services for their users.

The Centre offers worldwide experts a resource for the development and implementation of technical interventions and research, supports training activities, produces and disseminates UNICRI publications, provides information on the Institute mandate, scope of activities, past and current programmes.

The flyer entitled "A Library Network" is available for distribution.