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The project launched in 2001 by UNICRI and funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs maintained the country’s judicial traditions and pre-existing system based on reconciliation, while at the same time strengthening the institutional and administrative framework of the Angolan Juvenile Justice System.

Recently, UNICRI has broadened the scope of project DAWN, to develop a major outreach activity to address gender-based vulnerability, especially related to drug addiction, and to enhance the protection of vulnerable women worldwide, with the creation of the GEA initiative, for the establishment of a Centre for Promoting Gender Equality and Addressing Gender-Based Vulnerability.

Building on the successes of the implemented UNICRI programme “Strengthening Juvenile Justice in Mozambique”, (2006-2009), the Consolidation Phase (2010-2013), completed systematizing efforts on both institutional and societal levels, to promote the rights of juveniles at risk/in conflict with the law and reintegrating them into the labor market and society. The activities of this phase of the project were designed with the purpose of strengthening the programme as well as ensuring its sustainability.

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