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Countering Criminal Enterprises, Illicit Financial Flows, and Corrupt Practices



Countering Criminal Enterprises, Illicit Financial Flows, and Corrupt Practices


Endemic criminal activities and their proceeds are associated with contemporary global threats that undermine public trust in the rule of law, weaken institutional resilience, and corrupt justice systems. Criminal financial enterprises and illicit financial flows divert vital funds away from social, health, and other development needs. Profits can also be reinvested to support terrorism and other criminal activities. This has particularly adverse consequences for the most vulnerable in society.

UNICRI has identified key areas of focus in its work to combat criminal enterprises, illicit financial flows, and corrupt practices. These include:

  • Transnational organized crime networks and online criminal markets
  • Illicit finance and the global criminal economy
  • Stolen public and cultural asset recovery and repatriation
  • Counterfeiting, fraudulent goods, and supply chain integrity

UNICRI will work with governments, justice departments, legal institutions, and prosecuting authorities to target incentives for involvement in criminal financial enterprises, illicit financial flows, counterfeit trade, and corrupt practices. It will support Member States in the investigation and prosecution of economic crimes, including bolstering parallel financial investigations and more effective modalities for the seizure and confiscation of illicitly acquired assets, which may also include cultural artefacts.

UNICRI will also provide expert advice and support Member State efforts to counter corrupt practices, including those related to intellectual property protection, counterfeiting, and insulating food and health care supply chains from organized crime infiltration. UNICRI will continue to advise Member States on policies and mechanisms to channel recovered assets into high-priority development needs and tackle the financial and economic impacts of organised crime and corruption.