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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Can I apply to a Ph.D programme after completing this LL.M?

Firstly, you should check the specific entry requirements of the Ph.D. programme that you intend to apply to. The LL.M. in Transnational Crime and Justice provides you with a legally recognized LL.M. diploma worth 40 credits equal to 40 UPEACE credits, equal to 40 US credits/60 ECTS.


What services will be available to students during the LL.M.?

Participants are granted access to specialized electronic resources to which UNICRI and UPEACE subscribe as members of the UN Library Network. Such databases provide full-text access to documents and offer a comprehensive coverage of key criminological journals, law reviews and other law-related documentation. Under regular circumstances, the UN Campus offers several facilities for daily living such as a bank, a post office, a laundry service, a canteen, a café and a first aid centre.

Sightseeing, cultural activities and trips are coordinated through the Participant Services of UN Campus and students may join these tours (costs may vary, and they are not included in the tuition fees). Students may also enjoy the sport facilities of the UN campus, which includes a football pitch, tennis courts and a gym.


Is it easy to find accommodation in Turin?

Useful links through which you may start looking at accommodation in Turin can be found in the relevant section (Useful links) and further information will be provided to selected applicants upon acceptance.

Finding accommodation depends on the specific needs of each student. Students who prefer to live closer to the central area of Turin (Centro, Quadrilatero Romano, San Salvario) should generally expect to find more expensive solutions, whilst accommodations in areas that are closer to the UN Campus are usually cheaper. You can expect to pay between € 250 and € 700 per month depending on the type of accommodation you choose (i.e. shared flat, single room, double room, studio, etc.) and on the area of town.

Public transport from the city centre to the Campus area can take approximately 20 minutes.

Accommodation is also be available on the ITCILO campus upon confirmation of availability.