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UNICRI advocates for global solidarity and cooperation to step up efforts against COVID-19 Pandemic

UNICRI advocates for global solidarity and cooperation to step up efforts against COVID-19 Pandemic

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This global crisis is touching every country, every family, every person and every sector of society. As stressed by the UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, “We must all play our part to overcome this threat together.”

UNICRI is following the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), the public authority of the host country (Italy) and the UN Headquarters.

While taking the necessary measures to mitigate the potential spread of the virus and protect the safety of the staff, UNICRI continues to work hard and support the international community in tackling criminal threats to social peace, development and political stability.

This includes adapting and developing our training programmes and approaches to answer the needs of this unprecedented situation.

  • We are currently planning activities to enhance knowledge about the misuse of social media in relation to Coronavirus (i.e. deep-fakes and manipulated videos that jeopardize the credibility of governments, and phishing attacks with fraudulent emails related to urgent medical information).
  • Our focus is also the organization of training sessions using new web-based tools; and the development of new tools to deliver training and information in remote areas with limited access to Internet.
  • We are conducting research on trends and patterns in crime during crisis such as the one we are facing, and we are contributing to enhancing knowledge and capacities on the advancements in science and technologies, in particular the opportunities and risks related to artificial intelligence and robotics, Big Data and biotechnologies, and the integrity of the supply chain.
  • We are reminding about the possible proliferation of unethical, corrupt and misleading practices, fraud and counterfeiting of crucial medical supplies. UNICRI continues to work with its partners and recipients, advocating for responsibility, solidarity, and protection globally. In this difficult time, let’s help each other and be united more than ever in a global effort.

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