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Violence against women

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The United Nations Women, Peace and Security (WPS) agenda was inaugurated in 2000 with the unanimous adoption of the Security Council landmark resolution 1325. This resolution, together with the ones that followed, described as a “norm bundle”, are a crucial framework to address the unique ways in which women and girls are affected by conflict and to promote their protection and participation in the maintenance of peace and security, in conflict prevention and post-conflict efforts.

As the majority of countries has applied the social lockdown to contain the spread of COVID-19, violence against women and girls has intensified. According to UN Women, 243 million women and girls have suffered sexual and/or physical abuse committed by an intimate partner in the past 12 months. We believe that a gender perspectives should be included at all stages, during and following a crisis. A featured article by UNICRI's Programme Officer Alessandra Liquori O'Neill addresses national emergency response plans and gender issues in these challenging times. 

Countering gender-based violence, addressing vulnerability factors and empowering women have always been at the forefront of UNICRI work. Over the last 50 years the Institute has centered its crime prevention, justice and human rights protection programmes on gender issues and reducing the factors of vulnerability of women and girls.

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